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Autistic people often feel misunderstood and misrepresented in work and study environments as well in their interactions with non-autistic/neurotypical people.

High anxiety, masking and camouflaging in social situations can be exhausting.

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Finding ways to work together to understand and manage these areas can lead to greater success in work, study and relationships.

Working on strategies and solutions can develop our own self-awareness as well as better autism awareness in others. 


Specialist mentoring for autistic
young people and adults


About US - u&i in autism
(formerly US - Understanding Social skills)

Elaine at US empowers autistic people through identifying autistic strengths and demystifying the unspoken and neurotypical 'rules' of social interactions, communications and relationships.

We can meet in person or online to explore and understand social situations as well as some of the unanswered/unspoken questions that the neurotypical world often throws up. Depending on how you prefer to work, we may watch films of social interactions, use role play, filming and feedback, social stories and social 'autopsies' and/or quiz sheets to deepen our understanding and devise strategies that work for you.

Applying new knowledge through practice is an important part of this work and you will be encouraged to do this outside of our sessions.

Some of the topics we cover could be:

  • Why is autism so misunderstood?

  • Building assertiveness with friends, at work, with family

  • Using skillful responses instead of reactive strategies

  • Why is ending a conversation so difficult sometimes?

  • Managing overwhelm and energy accounting

  • Sensory Sensitivity, how to educate others, stay healthy and manage our choices in the environment, clothing, food, entertainment etc...!

About Me

My name is Elaine Hatfield-White. 

I am an autism coach and registered as a Non-Medical Helper /Specialist Autism Mentor for autistic university students. I have been providing practical advice, guidance and support to university students with autism for the last 17 years.


I was not diagnosed with autism until I was 56 years old and have lived experiences as tutor and student, autistic daughter and parent, often misunderstood friend, colleague and partner. These days most people who know me understand me better, but I am still learning about myself on this life journey and am still wanting to learn from and share with others on similar paths.

I have a good understanding of how social, educational and working environments can be challenging for autistic people but I also believe in raising autism awareness and acceptance wherever I can 'until everyone understands'(National Autistic Society) so that learning and working environments are more equitable. 


I am a member of ANMH,  NAS, NADP & Association for Coaching.


PGCert Autism & Asperger Syndrome SHU) Current student

BSc (HONS) Autism Studies

Certificate in Teaching Studies (Post-compulsory)

Strategies for Crisis Intervention and Prevention Trainer Award


About You

You may identify as Autistic, a person with Asperger’s Syndrome/autism or are waiting for a diagnosis and want to find out more.


You may be studying at school or university, working or looking for work and feel disadvantaged or misunderstood by others and exhausted with trying to figure out non-autistic people.


You may be really comfortable in your interest or subject area and when it is just you doing your thing, life is easier.

If you would like to learn more about autism, being autistic or even help your family and friends, school/uni/work support and understand you better, then scroll to the end of the page, send me your preferred contact details and I will get in touch.


If you are at Uni and have DSA, this could pay for your mentoring sessions with me, so ask your local Needs Assessor for more information.

Autism Awareness Training

Over the last seven years I have been providing Autism awareness Training to staff and specialist mentors at Universities both in the UK and Western Australia.


These include; University for the Creative Arts, University of Western Australia, Curtin University, Edith Cowan University and Charles Sturt University. This training is focussed on furthering peoples' understanding of and improving support for autistic students.

More recently I have delivered training to organisations who employ or are seeking to employ and better understand autistic people in their workforce these include WA Fire and Emergency Services and WA Treasury Department.

If your organisation would benefit from better understanding autistic people, then please get in touch with me by using the enquiry from below.

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Crowd of People copy copy.jpg

Parent of participant

We noticed, almost from the first day of the course, that 'M' was able to talk to us in a more meaningful, confident manner.

Over time we also noticed he was talking the same way with strangers. The film series highlighted how well the course conveys its messages. It breaks down a tricky topic - the 'art of conversation' - into discreet elements and provides very practical advice about each of them.


M's life has changed so much for the
better - thanks in large part to what he leant from you. He has been a volunteer at an animal rescue centre for the past 6 months. Working with animals, particularly native fauna is a dream come true for him.
It was Socialeyes that enabled him to convey his passion impressively enough for the manager to give him a go. Socialeyes was a turning point for M and us and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours to share the program with others on the spectrum.

From Jess

Elaine held regular one-to-one meetings with me in order to gain a detailed and accurate understanding of the areas in which I struggled most. The areas in which she helped me predominantly were social understanding regarding eye contact, times to speak and other various interactions.

Elaine held role-play exercises with other students who were struggling with similar issues and explained situations in a direct and informative manner.

Elaine's vast knowledge and research on Autism Spectrum Conditions means she knows of many 'tips and tricks' that are simple, easy to remember and can vastly improve the life of someone with ASC.

Government of WA,
Department of Communities.

Disability Services Audit 2019

Understanding Social Skills' purpose statement 'Empowering Adults with Autism Spectrum Conditions' is brought to life through the focus and commitment of the service.

NDIS Provider Audit 2021

The NDIS provider can clearly demonstrate conformity with best practice against the audit criteria. Best practice is demonstrated through innovative, responsive service delivery, underpinned by the principles of continuous improvement of the systems, processes and associated with the outcomes.

Elaine Hatfield-White is a qualified Developmental Educator with extensive experience in teaching communication skills for people with autism. 

What other people have said about US...

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Kitsperger Cards



GBP£15.00 per pack
AU$30.00 per pack

I have created this 24-card Daily Affirmation kit with neurodiversity in mind.

You may identify as autistic, a person with Asperger’s Syndrome/autism or a neurodivergent individual.

However you see yourself, may these cards brighten your day with positivity and the wisdom of others who have walked the path.


To order your set please complete the Booking Enquiry Form below.


Booking Enquiries


Individual sessions run for either 1 or 2 hours and can be tailored according to the person’s needs. 

Cost: GBP£50.00 per hour/AU$90.00 per hour.

Concessions may be available.

Initial Consultation / first session is free


For more information please use the contact form opposite or email


If you are in the UK and want to know moreplease call: 07554 362 083

Or email me:

Name *

Email *



Success! Message received.

Registered as DSA Specialist Autism Mentor 

NMH Register Line Number: 459

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